We add value,
empower communication.
We love to design.

New challenges motivate us and we commit, with excitement to every project. Because no matter the size of the project, we understand that design is a fundamental piece of the visual communication of the client. Each element is a thread that knits his identity.

We combine experience and versatility. This allows us to develope, besides the graphic and web design, the integral care of our client image. From the strategy and advise, to events and promotional spaces, POS and uniforms design, in each instance, we rely on our allies in other design areas, ensuring a quality product.

We develop projects with professionalism, accompanying the whole process of production , overseeing each step , examining every detail. So we can provide real and solid solutions to our customers, with appropriate cost-benefit ratio.

Contact us and we will answer your question with a warm and responsible treatment .

Our methodology of work

We listen

We take the time to know you, listen to your needs and goals, future business vision and the values associated with the company

We investigate

We study the visual world linked to the brand, together we’ll create a realistic strategic plan to help you achieve your goals

We design

We materialize ideas, we produce sketches of different conceptual graphic ways

We present

Inspirations and three different design directions are presented

We listen again

Take some time to choose a direction or request changes. We want to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with the decisions we make

We implement

The graphic language is ready! In Studio Positivo, we aspire to sustainable relationships. We work to achieve your goals. We design with love, to make visible results. We hope you feel it too.