After almost 5 years in Israel, working in design studios, marketing departments as a free lancer, it’s time to gather all my experiences, at national and international level, to create, like once in Uruguay, my own studio.

Because I love to design
I believe in what
I do and how I do it.

I currently perform as Studio Positivo’s Director.

Ariana’s review

I gained my BA Degree in Graphic Design at ORT University, Uruguay and complemented my studies in typography, posters, illustration and photography.

In Israel I studied Web Design and Development at the Academy of Design Mentor-Ramat Gan.

My passion is in the details of design. I apply my knowledge of the principles and practices of graphic design to a versatile array of projects.

I lived in Uruguay for 25 years where I worked as a Graphic Designer for a range of companies and moved to Mexico where I worked as a Creative and Graphic Designer.

Back from Mexico to Uruguay with the spiciest ideas and founded the design studio “Cursiva”, with a portfolio of clients composed by both national and foreign companies.

Several years later, my convictions bring me to Israel and now almost 5 years later, the time has arrived to take a new step in my professional career and create Studio Positivo.